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Methods for Submitting Artwork

Amazing Digital Magic will work with many graphic art file types. In order of preference they are:

  • (.eps) Encapsulated Postscript
  • (.pdf) Adobe Portable Document Format
  • (.ai) Adobe Illustrator
  • (.tiff) Tagged Image Format
  • (.jpg or .jpeg) Joint photographic Experts Group
  • (.bmp) Bitmap
  • (.gif) Graphics Interchange Format

World Headquarters
Voice: (530) 273-9423
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1. Call or email us, we will personally explain the various options for you.

2. Use our ftp site to upload your file: from a folder's address bar enter:
Show me how to use the ftp site
      If a private folder is necessary, contact us at 530.273.9423

3. Drop-Box: https//www.dropbox.comRequires registration. 2 GB of online storage is free.
Sync files from multiple computers.
Share folders with others.

4. Megaupload: No registration required for files less than 1GB.

5. YouSendIt: Requires registration.  Free trials are available.

Please call us at 530.273.9423 or email us atsales@amazing-digital-magic.comto let us know file(s) are ready to process.

Using Amazing Digital Magic´s ftp site:

This process only works for Microsoft Windows XP or later.

1. Prepare files for uploading:
Convert all text to curves before uploading.
Compress all files. Preferred compression routines include: Winzip (.zip), Stuffit (.sitx or .sit)
and WinRAR (.rar).
2. Open any folder on your computer. Click on the Start menu and select "My Computer".
Do not try to use an internet browser to accomplish this task.
3. Find the address bar.

If the "Address Bar" is not visible click "View" > "Toolbars"
Click "Address Bar" to show the address bar.
If "Lock the Toolbars" has a check mark to the left, click "Lock the Toolbars" to unlock the toolbar.

4. Either type or copy and paste the following into the address bar:

5. Press the "Enter" key to be transferred to the Amazing Digital Magic ftp site.
6. Look for the folder: "00 FTP site for ADM"

7. Drag and drop files that should be uploaded for processing.