Giclée Reproductions and BannersADM employs high quality, world class wide format digital printing equipment

• True artist canvas texture
• Images are printed on acid free true artist canvas
• Reproduce artistic works
• Up to 100 years archival life expectancy
• Images can be stretched and framed after printing
• Create attractive indoor or outdoor banners
• UV Resistant inks
• Great for POP and Trade Show banners
Gilcee prints, artist reproductions on canvas

Artist Canvas Attributes
Material: Cotton / Polyester blend, Brilliant white, matte, heavy gauge (300 gms - 15 mil) acid free artist canvas.

Solutions: Indoor & outdoor banners, Giclée - artistic work reproduction.

Ink Type & Colors: Eco-Solvent 6 color process (CMYK cm). Ink coverage can be up to 100%.

Widths Available: Up to 60", 59" printable, allow 1" margin (1/2" on either side) as not printable.

Dimensions &
sq ft.:
Minimum size of decal is 6" x 6". Minimum order is 3 sq ft. Parts will be cut from web in one large sheet. Contour cutting is NOT available.

Artwork Requirements: Customer is to supply artwork. Artwork must be in digital form. In order of preference ai, eps, pdf, tiff, jpg, gif, or bmp file formats are acceptable. Photographs of any size will work. Digital images should be a minimum 150 dpi at 100%. Enlarging artwork from a business card will not generally be very pleasing.More info ...

Pole Pockets: Pole pockets are loops sewn into any edge of the banner. A pole can be slid into the pocket. The banner will be supported by the pole. Pockets can be sewn on any edge or on any combination of opposing edges. Custom size pockets can be accommodated, specify the pole diameter or add 1/2" to the diameter of the pole, then multiply that by 3.15 for each pocket to calculate the additional material required.

Hemmed Edges: Optionally for added strength any combination of edges may be hemmed. We fold over 1" of fabric to the backside. Allow 1" margin on each edge for each hem.

Grommets: Optionally any number of grommets may be installed. Typically grommets are placed every 24 inches or so. The more grommets the stronger the hold on the banner. A 3/8" hole is created by the grommet. The grommets have a brass finish.

Lead Time: Normal lead times are 3 business days, but 24 hours is available by request.

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