• Sassy, Zesty, Lively displays
• Enhanced by back lighting
• Translucent material allows images to come Alive
• Images are visible in low light conditions
• Laminated with optically clear 2 sided adhesive
• Easy to install, peel & stick to clear sheets
• Vibrant Colors, virtually any Image can be printed   
• Great for POP and Trade Show signs

attractive high impact back light enhanced polyester film display signs

Backlit Film Attributes
Material: Polyester Film, Bright translucent white, matte, water impermeable, tear and wrinkle resistant.

Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive, double sided, optically clear (invisible) mounted to the face side. Typically mount this product to the back side of clear plastic sheets.

Solutions: Indoor use only. Use where back lighting is used to enhance the display.

Laminate: None available. This product is usually mounted to the back side of clear plastic or glass.

Ink Type & Colors: Eco-Solvent 6 color process (CMYK cm). Ink saturation is higher than normal. Back lighting tends to wash out colors with normal saturation.

Widths Available: Up to 60", 59" printable, allow 1" margin (1/2" on either side) as not printable.

Dimensions &
sq ft.:
Minimum size is 5" x 5". Minimum order is 5 sq ft. Parts will be cut from web in one large sheet. Contour cutting is NOT available.

Artwork Requirements: Customer is to supply artwork. Artwork must be in digital form. In order of preference ai, eps, pdf, tiff, jpg, gif, or bmp file formats are acceptable. Photographs of any size will work. Digital images should be a minimum 150 dpi at 100%. Enlarging artwork from a business card will not generally be very pleasing.More info ....

Lead Time: Normal lead times are 3 business days, but 24 hours is available by request.

Application Surfaces: Flat to very smooth curve, clean and dry surfaces. Typically clear plastic sheets. Glass is an option.

Installation Temp: Above 50° and below 100° F.

In Service Temp: 0° to 300° F.

Chemical Resistance: Mild alkalies and mild salts.

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