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"Wow! We have some of the best graphics here. Thank you!!"
"People are lovin this one!"
- Cindy at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas

Business to Business: We are a wholesale wide format digital printer specializing in custom printed products that span at least 3 general categories. These categories are self adhesive decals (adhesive backed, pressure sensitive), banners, and trade show graphics. We accomplish our tasks with 6 color (CYMKlclm) process printing methods on wide format (73" wide) digital printers. We also employ cold and heated pressure sensitive laminating processes to add protection against Ultra Violet light and abrasion. We have the ability to mount any of our decals and some of our trade show products to customer supplied sheets or to various sheet materials we supply up to 1" thick and 60" wide. We are located in Nevada County in the eastern foothills of central California and regularly service California (CA), Oregon (OR), Nevada (NV). Because of the great shipping network in the USA and due to the light weight nature of our products we can service virtually anywhere in the world.

Amazing Digital Magic has been providing Sugar Bowl with durable, vinyl prints for the past 2 seasons. The signage at the resort has never looked better and ADM has been instrumental in making it this way. From valuable insight with accurate color printing to impeccable turnaround times, ADM continues to go above and beyond. - Shane

More than 40 years of experience: The Amazing Digital Magic team and its principals have been meeting and exceeding the challenges inherent in the printing arena for more than 40 years. Specialties such as hot stamping, flexography, silk screening and wide format digital imaging in the retail and manufacturing environments have added volumes of useful experience applicable to today's printing solutions.

make large full color images, attract viewers proper color management helps to ensure accurate color reproduction

Getting color right has been one very important constant over the years. Excitement and attractiveness are enhanced by full color images. The use of accurate ICC color profiles that match the printer, the inks and the media (substrate material) is an indispensable procedure for ensuring color accuracy and building a world class color management system. It has been our experience that building ICC color profiles matching the exact printer, inks and media and using the latest color measurement technology and the latest color management software is the best way to attain accurate ICC color profiles. If high quality accurate color reproduction is your requirement, then Amazing Digital Magic is the right company to do the job. Employing the right materials, delivering products on time and extending helpful advice are all basic building blocks that are available from the Amazing Digital Magic team.

pixilation can be prevented by using high resolution printers Crisp, Clean & Clear: Everyone has seen the effects of low resolution digital printing. The benefits gained from low resolution printing is faster printing speeds. This might equate to lower costs, sometimes it does, but it surely adds to the bottom line for the printer. The expense is to the customer in the form of pixilated images, fuzzy images and out of focus images. Amazing Digital Magic does not print at low resolutions, our images are always crisp, clean and clear.

low resolution printers produce fuzzy, grainy or jagged images

We look forward to thrilling you with our high quality performance. Our image is everything.

Quality is in the details. The 4 C's, Crisp, Clean, Clear & Color are the building blocks of a quality print job and of a useful & attractive end product. We pride ourselves on our attention to the devilish details, high resolution printing and high quality accurate color reproductions. We ensure the best possible images from our equipment and processes by employing state of the art calibration technology, well designed quality assurance systems.

place large images on vending machines

Customers are our number one priority so we feel it is our duty to respond to requests as quickly as possible. No one responds any quicker than our team.

Value means:
the right materials,
at the right time,
at the right price,
wide format digital printers produce gorgeous large images

Over the years I have come to rely on Amazing Digital Magic. Their meticulous attention to detail combined with an extraordinary volume of knowledge always yields a superior product for my customers. Thank you Don and Pam for all the late nights you've spent helping me meet my deadlines! An additional bonus is the very competitive pricing. The low price has gotten my company the bid, and the high quality keeps them coming back for more! - Eric

Providing the Right Materials is defined by the environment in which the graphic will be displayed and by the desired results of the design. There are many environmental concerns the most important of which are the installation method and exposure to UV, temperature, moisture and abrasion. There are many factors affecting the quality of a printed image, the most important of which are area lighting, graphic design, available color gamut and product surface texture. While it is not rocket science, choosing the correct materials can be confusing and experience can avoid some embarrassment later on. Our team has experience and will guide you through the process of determining the right materials for the job.

The Right Time is defined by the customer and is changeable by the customer. Our team is committed to this axiom and invites you to delight yourself with our performance. Working with our team will be a greatly appreciated change from the arrogance of others. Responding to our customers needs is an attribute that has helped to make us who we are.

The Right Price is what you will discover at Amazing Digital Magic. We strive to keep our overhead at a minimum and our efficiencies up, thus keeping our markup and costs down granting us a distinct advantage over our competition.

ADM recycles large protions of its waste Protecting the Environment by wasting as little as possible and by recycling all of the waste that we can. Digital imaging creates almost no wasted inks. Virtually every last drop of ink is used. The process color system utilizes just 6 ink colors to generate a very large color space. Millions of colors from just six; cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta. The digital process mixes these inks on the fly to produce magnificent and exciting colors. We estimate that we recycle over 95% of our waste and we are seeking methods to increase the amount recycled.

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